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We have created the ultimate team building activity for your next corporate offsite, private event, or team gathering. Teams of adventurers will join forces to find hidden clues, solve puzzles, and unravel a mystery before time runs out! For unlimited participants. Anywhere.

Multiple games available for unlimited
players, anywhere

Join the millions of escape artists who have experienced the magic of America’s first escape room, Puzzle Break! With lightning-fast setup & breakdown, 100% flexibility to work with how your event is arranged, and white-glove customer service, adding the magic of Puzzle Break to your offsite, party, meeting, or conference is a breeze.

The Sentinel Signal Hybrid Escape Room

The Sentinel Signal

The search among the stars for extraterrestrial life has run fruitlessly for decades. Until today. Does your team of researchers have what it takes to crack the code and establish contact before it’s too late?

Revolutionary hybrid option available: Unravel the mystery with everyone in the same location, or with part of the crew located anywhere in the world!

hm offsite

A Hollywoodland Mystery

It’s 1950s Hollywood and not everything is glitz & glamor: There’s been a murder! Can you and your team of detectives find the clues, solve the puzzles, unravel the mystery, and catch the murderer before time runs out?

grimm offsite

The Grimm Escape

An evil witch has cast a curse and it’s up to your team to save the day! Can you and your team of adventurers find the hidden clues, solve the puzzles, complete your quest, and break the witch’s spell before it’s too late?

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